Welcome to a revolution in Hair and Make-Up Artistry! 

First let me say welcome to my site!
My name is Megan Elizabeth Toohey and I am the founder of Pretty Punk Makeup and Hair....
I am a 23 year old female who decided to go out and do freelance work. I have had almost ten years in the profession and previously worked with such salons as PR @ PARTNERS, Arden Red Door, and Xander Blue Salons. As for my makeup credentials I have worked with such establishments as Benefit, Dior, Arden, Lancome, Benefit, M.A.C. and started with the timeless classic Clinique.

Just thought I would give you some of the skinny on me before you proceed so you know that you are dealing with the real thing!

We are located in Manassas, VA, right by the 234 exit off Route 66; but if you as our client prefer I being the primary artist can do house visits and assure you it remain 100% tidy while remaining in the comfort of your own home! 

 Best Perk Is Our Complete Satisfaction or You Get 125%

Money Back Guarantee!!!!!!

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