About P.P.M.& H.


Like I said before I am Megan Elizabeth Toohey!
I am 23, I am a Leo, and Hair and Make-Up are my passion!

I love to make people beautiful, and make them see their inner beauty, it brings me joy to know I have helped people with there self esteem!

I am a single mother, and a dedicated business woman.

I love to meet new people and see my ideas blossom, this company being one of them!

I hope you will come try us out for your next servicing needs, we are cool, calm, and relaxed but amazing at what we do. Dali was an amazing painter and artist, I to am an amazing artist only my canvass is a head of hair and flesh.

I know you'll love us, once you try us.

When booking an appointment mention that your a first time customer and we have a special discount and bag full of goodies as our thank you for your business!

Megan E. Toohey

!~*Simply Me*~! 

Booking and Appt., Questions, or Comments:

Megan Elizabeth Toohey


(571) 471 7190

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